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Head Gates

Freudenthal Headgate

Freudenthal Headgate

Walk-thru design is either self-catching or manually operated. Yokes and gate frames 2" diameter pipe. Rugged channel main frame. All welded construction.

  • Heavy duty self-locking headgate
  • Quick adjust neck space
  • New easy release mechanism
  • Shock absorber headgate   reduces shoulder bruising
  • Automatic reset
  • Walk-through exit
  • 1" diameter pipe handles and nose catch standard. Head Gate yoke width is adjustable. Weight 270 lbs.
  • Delivers steady, reliable, smooth operation
  • Heaviest built headgate on the market
  • Shipping weight: 255 lbs.

Freudenthal Self Locking Panels are available in any length and we will put in as many openings as room allows, unless otherwise specified. All Panels are priced by the foot.