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Hunting Blinds

Game Slayer Hunting Blinds

The Freudenthal Game Slayer hunting blind is a one of a kind one piece blind that is completely circular and has been designed to eliminate blind spots. The 5 smoked glass windows will provide you with the view needed to harvest your game no matter which direction your trophy is approaching from. This blind can be set on the ground or elevated on your own platform for an enhanced view. Comes completely assembled. Made in USA. Make this hunting season successful, warm and comfortable with the Game Slayer hunting blind.

Features of Game Slayer Hunting Blind:

  • Spacious 75" Diameter
  • 75" Ceiling Height
  • Easy access 25" x 43" Door Opening
  • 5 Sound Proof Hinged Smoked Glass Windows
  • 2 1/2" Bottom Flange for Staking or Bolting to your Raised Platform
  • UV Stabilized, Paintable Polymer
  • Comes Assembled (152 lbs.)
  • Made in USA